What is
Engineering Tomorrow?

We are a nonprofit organization developed by engineers to increase the number of high school students who pursue engineering degrees.

The challenge

The challenge

Continue America’s leadership in innovation and problem-solving at the highest levels.


  1. Increase the number of US students entering the engineering field.
  2. Change the demographics of the engineering workforce in the US to include more females and minority populations.
Engineering: National and Global Trends

Our board

William A. Woodburn

Founder and Chairman of the Board, Engineering Tomorrow
A Founding Partner, Global Infrastructure Partners

Jayanthi Iyengar

Board Member, Engineering Tomorrow
Chief Technology Officer, CNH Industrial

Erik O. Einset

Director of Strategy, Engineering Tomorrow
Operating Principal, Global Infrastructure Partners

Alexandra Coleman

Board Member, Engineering Tomorrow
Director, Onsite Renewable Energy, Centrica

Telva M. McGruder

Board Member, Engineering Tomorrow
Director, Sustainable Workplaces, General Motors

Our team

Dr. Timothy J. McNiff

Executive Director,
Engineering Tomorrow

Megan E. Barrett

Program Director,
Engineering Tomorrow

Kristine T. Budill

Curriculum Director,
Engineering Tomorrow

Constance B. Chiplock

Washington, DC Regional Coordinator,
Engineering Tomorrow

Monica San Martin

New York Regional Coordinator,
Engineering Tomorrow

Vivek Bhargava

Engineer Consultant

Our partners and participants



Meeting the


Schools have seen a 27% increase in the number of minority HS seniors intending to pursue engineering in college.

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All programs are free to schools and students.