Gain hands-on experience.

Build your resume, network with your peers, and help younger students understand all the possibilities that a career in engineering can offer. 

Open doors for yourself and others.

Engineering Tomorrow gives university-level engineering students the opportunity to mentor high school students who otherwise wouldn’t have access to the world of engineering.

This is a paid opportunity open to college students studying engineering.

Inspire confidence

Be an integral part of our labs.

College students like you give high school students insight into what it’s like to complete an engineering degree. You’ll answer questions and offer tips for success. 

Intern with Engineering Tomorrow.

Go beyond mentorship. We offer a hands-on summer internship where students can work one-on-one with professional engineers, design engaging labs, and build technical skills that will serve them throughout their careers.


Set yourself up for success.

After mentoring or interning with Engineering Tomorrow, you’ll walk away with vital skills, relevant knowledge, and a robust network to help you transition successfully into the next stage of your career.

Brianna Mahon

Engineering Student

Ethan Bernstein

Engineering Student

Allie Sack

Engineering Student

Why Engineering Tomorrow
Develop important skills for a successful career.
Gain new experiences that will contribute to your expertise.
Build your engineering network by connecting with peers and mentors.

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