Invest in the future of engineering.

Help us bring the vast world of engineering to students who might not otherwise have access. 

Encourage greater diversity in our field.

By introducing students to engineering, you spark curiosity and fuel more diversity in our field — which uplifts important perspectives and valuable insights that push our industry and our world forward.

Facilitate fascination

Learn more about how labs work.

We rely on professional engineers to help bring our labs to life. Partner with us to deliver turnkey projects designed by the Engineering Tomorrow team to empower, motivate, and inspire the next generation. 

How can you get involved?

  • Deliver a lab

    Introduce and present an engineering topic and lab activity designed by Engineering Tomorrow engineers. This is a turnkey option; you receive all materials ahead of time and your focus is on guiding and inspiring students throughout the lab or Lab Day event.

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  • Develop a lab

    If you’re passionate about a topic and want to be more involved in lab development, we offer that option as well. You’ll work with our engineers from day one to develop the presentation, brainstorm the activity, and deliver the lab.

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  • Deliver a keynote

    Our four-hour Lab Day events culminate with an inspiring keynote presentation delivered by a professional engineer and expert in the lab topic. You’ll have the chance to talk about your own journey in engineering and inspire young, curious minds to choose this career path.

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How our labs work
  • Part 1: Video intro

    Introduce the lab topic and activity via a pre-recorded video.

  • Part 2: Students complete lab

    Students work together to complete the activity you presented in session one.

  • Part 3: Live wrap-up

    Together with a STEM college student, you’ll conference live with the class to react to student presentations and share your engineering journeys.

Why Engineering Tomorrow
Labs are always conducted with no cost to schools, teachers, or students.
Hands-on activities get students excited and keep them engaged.
Labs are designed and delivered by professional engineers.

Share your passion by teaching one of our virtual labs. We set everything up — you just show up.

We partner with a wide range of corporations.

Want to help us but don’t have time to volunteer?