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Conference Aims To Inspire Young Girls on Staten Island Into Engineering Fields

October 30, 2016

'Engineering Tomorrow' is hoping to inspire more young girls on Staten Island to be engineers.

The STEM, or science, technology, engineering and math conference was held at Notre Dame Academy, Friday.

Dozens of students, mostly girls from five different schools on Staten Island took part.

The conference focused on wind energy and water reuse.

Students also created mock wind turbines.

"It was most incredible because we started out not knowing what to do and we just took the materials and put out minds together and created this wind turbine that works well that could actually potentially create so much energy if it was on a real life scale," said student Rebecca Soler.

"From an Engineering Tomorrow perspective, we need to educate students about engineering careers such that we can have more diversity in the engineering ranks," said Michael Legg, the executive director of Engineering Tomorrow.

Experts say STEM fields are mostly dominated by males.