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    Our reputation

    "ET has exposed our students to a lot of activities, conferences and field trips. They’re able to take what they’ve learned in the classroom and apply it to see how science and mathematics really comes to life in their everyday phenomenon."

    Abeeha Alam
    Notre Dame Academy
    Staten Island, NY

    Our reputation

    "As an engineer myself, I relish the opportunity to engage with young, talented high school students and ignite in them an interest in the field. From the breakout sessions to one-on-one conversations with aspiring female engineers, the impact to the students is clear and I am proud that Engineering Tomorrow is bringing inner-city youth the opportunity to reach their full potential. I finish every volunteer day inspired and energized from interacting with the students and observing them discover a new foundational concept in engineering."

    Alexandra Coleman,
    Director, Onsite Renewable Energy

    Our reputation

    "The breakout sessions are engaging, fun and well-planned! The day always runs so smoothly, and the ET team is so professional and kind. The college speakers did a great job at the Q&A time, and the high school students were really interested in what they had to say. We always enjoy having you here and we are so grateful for all that you're doing to increase interest in the field of Engineering."

    Kate Jaenicke
    Notre Dame Academy
    Staten Island, NY

    Our reputation

    "I feel like I’m gaining opportunities that normal Bronx kids wouldn’t be able to access. Especially coming from Gun Hill Road where there aren’t a lot of chances to engage in the STEM fields, this gives me access to a community that I’ve never been able to explore before."

    Imani Maliti
    Academy of Mount St. Ursula '2018
    Bronx, NY

    Our reputation

    "I spent the last two summers working with high-level engineers at ET to develop a 3D printing breakout and a wing lift breakout. I gained valuable project experience by putting the engineering design process into practice. Working with engineers helped me decide to pursue a career in manufacturing and prepared me for engineering internship interviews. My experience at ET has really set my application apart because I already had two years of project experience that is uncommon for first and second year students to have."

    Olivia Jaenicke
    Mechanical Engineering
    University of Notre Dame '2020

    Our reputation

    "Before my students even returned to the bus, they asked if I could start an Engineering Club at the high school. That's impressive!"

    Tara Taylor
    Supervisor of Science
    Ridgewood, NJ Public Schools

    Our reputation

    "Engineering Tomorrow engages inner-city young adults in STEM fields that position students for successful careers in cutting-edge industries. Not only does this program address the nationwide decline in students pursuing engineering studies and jobs, but it provides an opportunity for our young people in our most economically-distressed areas to obtain hands-on learning experiences in lucrative, impactful fields. The missions of Engineering Tomorrow and Catholic Schools of the Archdiocese of New York both encompass service to our Catholic families most in need. I look forward to continuing this partnership in support of our students and the field of engineering."

    Dr. Timothy J. McNiff
    Superintendent of Schools
    Archdiocese of New York

    Our reputation

    "It was great to hear my students discussing possible career paths after the St. Charles Energy Center tour. The chemistry involved and other aspects were intriguing for the students as well as the control room. Inspiration is one of the keys to student success and our students were definitely inspired due to their experience with you today...I am looking forward to setting up another trip for other groups of engineering students in the future because I know that they will greatly benefit from the experience."

    Michelle Ming
    Director of Engineering Program
    Archbishop Carroll High School
    Washington, DC

    Our reputation

    "Don Bosco Prep students are participating in ET’s hybrid lab program and have been tasked to create a bridge from household materials. Throughout the program, students will learn more about engineering, consult with engineers about their bridge designs, and hear from students studying engineering in college. ET provides excellent opportunities to our students and we are very grateful for their partnership!"

    Bernadette Kozak
    Physics Teachers and Engineering Club Moderator
    Don Bosco Prep
    Ramsey, NJ