Our People

Guided by a diverse board of leading engineers.

Administered by nationally recognized leaders in education and experienced engineers.

Supported by engineering students from the nation's top colleges and universities.

Team members

Dr. Timothy J. McNiff

Executive Director

Megan E. Barrett

Director of Operations

Dr. Brad Peck

Midwest Regional Director

Constance B. Chiplock

Program Coordinator

Monica San Martin

Program Coordinator

Ann Viegut

Program Coordinator

Lisa Peck

Program Coordinator

Jenn Scott

Program Coordinator

Jillian Williams

Program Coordinator

Jose Centeno

Distribution Center Coordinator


Milton Davis

Curriculum Coordinator

Joanna Caudle

Curriculum Coordinator

Gerald Dawes

Engineer Presenter

Betsy Fortman

Engineer Presenter

Mary Muldowney Jarratt

Engineer Presenter

Travis Sluss

Engineer Presenter


Madeline Prugh

University of Notre Dame '25

Zandy Wong

Johns Hopkins University '24

Anna Martelli

University of Notre Dame '24

Jackie Lasseter

Cornell University '24

Katie Fiacco

University of Notre Dame '25

Lauren Sawyer

Penn State University '22

Bella Matuch

University of Notre Dame '24

Bryce Krampert

University of Mississippi '25

Emily Milian

Columbia University '23

Board members

William A. Woodburn

Founder and Chairman of the Board
A Founding Partner, Global Infrastructure Partners

Jayanthi Iyengar

EVP, Chief Technology & Strategic Sourcing Officer, Oshkosh

Erik O. Einset

Operating Principal, Global Infrastructure Partners

Alexandra Coleman

Head of Optimization, Centrica

Telva M. McGruder

Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, General Motors

Kristine T. Budill

Director of the Architecture, Engineering, and Design for the Common Good Program, School of the Holy Child

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