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What is Engineering Tomorrow?

We are a nonprofit organization developed by engineers that seeks to increase the number of high school students who pursue engineering degrees. ET identifies talented students, introduces them to engineering through hands-on breakout experiments, and encourages them to pursue careers in the engineering profession.

How do I get my school involved with the Engineering Tomorrow program?

Engineering Tomorrow works with public, religious and private high schools. To get your school involved with Engineering Tomorrow, contact Megan Barrett at contact@engineeringtomorrow.org.

How can professional engineers get involved with Engineering Tomorrow?

We seek professional engineers to lead breakout experiments and serve as guest speakers who will share their professional experiences with high school students. Professional engineers also host field trips, or connect Engineering Tomorrow with field trip host sites, so that we can show students engineering principles applied outside of our labs.

How can I donate to Engineering Tomorrow?

Corporations and individuals provide monetary support so that all Engineering Tomorrow programs are free to schools and students. To support Engineering Tomorrow, contact Megan Barrett at contact@engineeringtomorrow.org.

What is a College Mentor? How do I become a College Mentor?

College mentors (who are paid a stipend for their attendance at ET events) are engineering students who assist, and sometimes lead, breakout experiments and serve as guest speakers who share their educational experiences with high school students at ET events. If you are a college student majoring in engineering and would like to be a college mentor, please contact Megan Barrett at contact@engineeringtomorrow.org.

Do you have a paid summer internship program for college students?

We offer an 8-10 week paid summer internship program for top engineering students. College interns work alongside high-level engineering professionals to develop new breakout experiments and enhance the current Engineering Tomorrow curriculum. If you are interested in our paid summer internship program, please send your resume and cover letter to Megan Barrett at contact@engineeringtomorrow.org.

Who is your target audience for labs and field trips?

We target high school students who excel in math and science with an emphasis on groups who are historically underrepresented in the engineering field, namely females and minority populations.

What breakout experiments do you offer?

Please visit our Curriculum page.

Who develops and leads the breakout experiments?

All breakout experiments are developed by experienced professional engineers. College interns, who are top engineering students, have the unique opportunity to work alongside professional engineers during the summer to develop a new breakout or enhance an existing breakout. At our events, all breakouts are led by professional engineers.

Are your breakouts aligned to the Next Generation STEM Standards?

Yes. The teacher guides (found on the Curriculum Page) include the Next Generation STEM Standards and Curriculum Connections for all breakouts.

What is an Engineering Tomorrow Club?

Engineering Tomorrow clubs provide a forum for students to engage their interests and use their skills in math and science to solve problems. These school-based clubs are a natural follow-on activity for students who have attended ET labs, and are an enrichment activity for motivated STEM teachers. Engineering Tomorrow will provide clubs with: ideas and funding for projects and activities; loan of large engineering equipment (e.g. wind tunnels, stress-strain testers, measurement electronics); access to professional engineers and college students as club mentors and advisors; and, opportunities for field trips, guest speakers, and engineering career guidance counseling.


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